Biggin Grange

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The Peak District has some of the most challenging and popular rock climbing routes in Europe including the important Stanage Edge near Hathersage and the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Many world-class climbers live in and around the area, sharpening their skills on its challenging cliffs, edges and boulders.  Regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or world-class athlete, there are plenty of crags for you to discover.


Caving is highly popular and one of the best ways to discover the Peak's inner beauty.

The Peak District is home to the highest natural cavern in the UK - Titan Cave, Castleton (464ft; 141.5m) discovered by local pot-holers in 2000.

Beginners must use an expert when giving it a go.  There are several activity centres in the Peak District that offer an exhilarating days caving under the guidance of a suitably trained and qualified instructor.  The centres will provide all the necessary equipment, wetsuit, oversuit, helmet, light and wellies.  All you need are some warm clothes.

The Peak District is riddled with fantastic underground formations which you can see in safe and well-lit show caves and in Castleton this is the only place that Blue John stone is found.

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